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Wow, what a lot of stuff is hidden around here. Accordingly, I have gathered it all up and made some vague attempt to organize it for viewing in a long-overdue section simply called the "Gallery".

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Disclaimer: This site is maintained by me, an admirer of Russell Crowe's work. I have no affiliation with Russell Crowe or any of his employees. All materials and information on this site collected from existing websites (titles listed on links page), various publications and/or  visitor submissions.  The pictures have been released to press and into cyberspace by the producers and publicists of the films they come from. None of them are mine, even if I messed with them (I can assure you the originals are better) and the only creative claim I can make is for the background, the montages, the animations and the buttons, though those are of course cobbled together from other people's stuff at some point or another, so they aren't mine per seeither.   (Is the internet what John Lennon was talking about when he said "imagine there's no possessions"?)  I hope you enjoy your visit.

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