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My Hand My Heart
Official site for new album.

30 Odd Foot of Grunts:
Official site for the band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts.

Cinderella Man official site:
Pics, dvd info, lots of moving stuff

A Beautiful Mind official site
Pretty snazzy, requires plugins.

Proof Of Life official site
Preview clip, pics, stuff for eager fans.

Master and Commander official site
It's flashy, it's official. All the basic info you need about the movie.


Caught in the Web interview:
(audio) A fine long audio clip, hope you have a comfy chair at your desk!

Celeb Salon interview:
(video) Go to Celeb Salon, click on Crowe's misspelled name.


Goldenager's gallery:
Crowe calendars galore! A must see.

A collection of very elegant Russell montages

Russell Crowe Ani-Mania :
A very cool gallery of animated images. All sizes, lots to see!

Photo Album by Russelltwin: :
More pics and more pics! Lots of photos that need to be shared.

Crowe Slide Show:
A most excellent and growing collection of screen captures organized by film.

BIG Pictures:
Great big photo gallery with gigantic pics available for download. Read terms and conditions carefully before using! This is NOT a fansite, these folks DO own rights to their images. But look all you want!


Russell Crowe Fansite Deutschland
Busy German Crowesite!

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Russell Crowe: The Prose... The Passion:
(aka Murphsplace) THE PLACE TO GO FOR NEWS. Slick site, nice to navigate and pretty to look at.  Good stuff!

Above and Beyond: the Shining Star of Russell Crowe
New site with USA today article, nice list of other recent articles, pics, info.

Birthday Countdown:
If you absolutely need to know when his birthday is..

Crowe on TV:
When and where to catch Russell Crowe on tv.

Russell Crowe (in French):
Nice addition to our non-English links, and a sparkly design too!.

Crowe Illumination:
Artistic expression by Crowe fans.

Miscellaneous Crowe Stuff :
Win Amp skins, EZ Board icons (60 x 60 pics), fun miscellaneous goodies!

The Perch at Play:
The best of the Crowe's Perch, archived for your amusement and to help refresh fond memories.

Russell Crowe Fan Club- The Unofficial Fan Club Site:
"For anyone who loves Russell Crowe and wants to do something about it!"

Russell Crowe: Go Russ Go!:
Hilarious site, full of whimsy and giggles. Do visit:)

Russell Crowe, Ishara's site
En Espaņol, lots of cool pics!

The RUSSELL, Something to CROWE About Webpage:
Popular site for Crowe fans, lots of pics, message board, articles. Snazzy new design!

Russell Crowe: Walnut Cracking Fun:
Soylent Green's site, housing, among other things, some very elegant wallpaper designs:)

The Unofficial Russell Crowe Resource Page:
Despite the title being a little close for comfort, looks very sleek and has plenty of content to wrap your brain around.


The Crowe's Perch Message Board
Message board for this site's visitors.

Crowe People Mailing List:
I love a title that's to the point!


Oded Fehr Appreciation Site
Oded Fehr Appreciation Site:

English and German site for Fehr fans. Sound files, pics, links, worth a look.

Clive Owen at Murphsplace:
Filmography, pics, news, as you can only get from Murph:)

Viggo Talk:
Forum for all fans of actor, artist & poet Viggo Mortensen

The Corner of Viggo:
Pretty Viggo Mortensen site, news, filmography, art

Slick site for Jeff Goldblum fans: multimedia section, news, video and dvd info, filmography, extensive info.

Rachel Weisz Paradise:
Stylish site for fans of Rachel Weisz. News, info, downloads, easy to navigate.

Serenity/Firefly fans
Serenity: The Replacement site :
Taking the place of the browncoats site.


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