Spotswood/ The Efficiency Expert
Directed by Mark Joffe
Writers: Max Dann and Andrew Knight
Also starring: Anthony Hopkins (Wallace), Ben Mendelsohn (Carey), Alwyn Kurts (Mr. Ball), Bruno Lawrence (Robert), John Walton (Finn), Rebecca Rigg (Cheryl), Toni Collette (Wendy)


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My favorite part of watching this movie came when the credits started to roll,and the song "Catch the Wind" began playing. This is a classic Donovan tune that I never heard before and I love it.

As this is one of his first movies, I couldn't wait to see what Russell looked like, how he moved, how he acts. All I can say is, he was a live wire.

His character, Kim, is an arrogant but shrewd young man on his way up... even if his success comes at the expense of the odd characters he works with. You, the viewer, are obviously supposed to be rooting for the small guy, the sweet, loyal employees of this Australian shoe factory. But Kim is so direct, intelligent, and unashamed of his ambition that he contrasts too much with their dimness and passivity, and you end up rooting for him despite his ruthlessness. He's so cocky and sure of himself that it's funny, especially when he's roughing up Carrey, the besotted co-worker who has a crush on the girl Kim is seeing.

Everybody wins in this charming (and unrealistic) story-- Kim leaves the factory to work where his shark instincts will be best utilized, the owner of the factory learns how to get his finances in order without losing his employees, Wallace grows in wisdom and understanding, and romantically, the right guy ends up with the right girl. When does this ever happen? LOL

I can't help but wonder when I see an actor in a role, did he do that on his own, or did the director tell him to do that? I laughed out loud when Kim was physically holding the car door shut until Wallace agreed to meet with him, and was impressed with his natural whistle when he spotted Cheryl, the girl who is the object of his affections. Whoever comes up with "the little things", I don't know, but Russell nailed this character.

Rated: 3 crowes

Thanks to the Crowe Slide Shows for the screen captures!

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