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From USA weekend: Sci-fi fans have their last "Matrix". Kids will get Hollywood's "Cat in the Hat" in time for Thanksgiving. But for a phalanx of fans of British author Patrick O'Brian's high-seas stories -- which "The New York Times" has called "the best historical novels ever written" -- no movie is more eagerly anticipated than "Master and Commander", opening next Friday.

-- Exclusive photos from Russell Crowe's news movie, Master and Commander, are in USA WEEKEND Magazine's 11/9 issue Check your local newspaper for your own copy or visit beginning 11/7 to view online.

On the novels:

The first in a wonderfully entertaining series, Master and Commander introduces us to Captain Aubrey and Stephen Maturin, a friendship that I can only characterize as a swashbuckling Odd Couple set in the Royal Navy of the Napoleanic era.

As I hear it, the movie will not actually use the plot of this novel, but instead the plot of a later book in the series:The Far Side of the World. This story takes place in the War of 1812, a situation that may be more interesting to American audiences?

I would have preferred to see Crowe as Maturin but Hollywood is Hollywood and I am sure the film will be a blast in any case:)


Series includes:
~Master and Commander
~Post Captain
~HMS Surprise
~The Mauritius Command
~Desolation Island
~The Fortune of War
~The Surgeon's Mate
~The Ionian Mission
~Treason's Harbor
~The Far Side of the World
~The Reverse of the Medal
~The Letter of Marque
~The Thirteen Gun Salute
~The Nutmeg of Consolation
~The Truelove
~The Wine-Dark Sea
~The Commodore
~The Yellow Admiral

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