Written and Directed by: Aaron Kim Johnston
Also Stars: Christianne Hirt as Lill, Wanda Cannon as Betsy, Scott Kraft as Zeek, Peter Outerbridge as Johnny
Awards: Manitoba Film and TV award for best actor

Fan Reviews:

3crowe.gif (2082 bytes)This movie features Russell Crowe as an Australian pilot in WWII, who arrives in the Canadian countryside with countless other pilots from around the world to receive training as a fighter pilot.

The movie begins when Lachlan (Crowe) arrives in Canada along with a friend,
and fellow pilot, who hails from the area. The friend introduces Lachlan to his girlfriend and her sister, Lill (Christianne Hirt). Lachlan is instantly attracted to Lill, however she is married and her husband is off to war.

Throughout the movie, Lachlan and Lill fight their growing attraction, to no avail. This is not a spoiler, as the viewer is immediately aware that Lachlan and Lill will ultimately become involved. The beauty of the story is in the poignant circumstances that surround and compel the players to do what they do, and the realization that what happens in this movie could happen to anyone.

Russell delivers a sound and believable performance as a wartime pilot who, while living for the moment, is also sensitive to his lover's situation. Russell exhibits a confidence in this performance that was not present in Proof or The Crossing. While this was not the first time I'd seen Russell in a leading role (as in his later films), it is the first movie (chronologically) in which I've seen him in a leading role.

The movie's ending may not be what the viewer hopes for, but it is a realistic conclusion to the story.

The movie was filmed in the Canadian countryside and depicts a peaceful and beautiful prelude to the impending experience of war. Beautifully shot and set to appropriate classical music, it is worth viewing and possibly buying.

Rated: three crowes

Thanks to the Crowe Slide Show site for the screen captures!

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