Directed by: George Ogilvie 
Also stars: Robert Mammone as Sam and Danielle Spencer as Meg


3crowe.gif (2082 bytes)The movie takes place over the course of one day, an Australian holiday to memorialize war veterans. During the course of that day, three lives are changed forever.

Johnny (Russell Crowe) is in love with Meg (Danielle Spencer). Sam (Robert
Mammone) is also in love with Meg. Johnny and Sam are friends. However, Sam
left their small hometown to go to the big city without so much as a backward glance.  The movie begins when Sam returns home.

Those who are familiar with the Russell Crowe of today will be in for a
pleasant surprise at this younger version. This is his first major role in a motion picture, however it is not readily apparent. Crowe clearly outshines his costars with an earnest performance that is indicative of things to come.

In contrast, Mammone and Spencer (esp. Spencer)appear to falter in their
deliveries (not sure of their prior acting experience at the time of this movie). Spencer's frustrated portrayal of Meg may become tiresome by the end and viewers might find it difficult to feel sorry for the character's fickle behavior. Mammone, at times, delivers a fine performance, but comes up short in a few scenes.

Overall, it is a movie worth viewing, if not buying. The educated Russell fan will recognize faint shades of future Russell performances. All in all, a good start for a movie career.

Rated: three crowes

Thanks to the Crowe Slide Shows site for the screen captures!

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