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That's Russell & Giorgio's Big Question
By Heather O'Brian
Fashion Wire Daily Milan February 27, 2001

As Milan's Fashion Week slowly gathers steam, Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts, the Australian band that boasts "Gladiator" actor Russell Crowe as lead singer and guitarist, took the stage last night in a benefit concert held in Milan's Rolling Stone club.

Thank goodness the band's name wasn't an accurate reflection of the musical quality. But still, our advice to Crowe is: Hold on to your day job. The charismatic actor told journalists before the concert that TOFOG's style could be described as folk music - "narrative based songs that have a connection with reality" - and is influenced by the styles of artists like Jim Croce, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, Tom Jones. "You mix all these together and it's something like that. But not exactly."

Crowe and friends kept a packed club - full of local models, actors, soccer stars and those who were lucky enough to get an invite - happily entertained for more than an hour. The band will be performing in the annual San Remo Italian music festival tonight, where feisty rapper Eminem will also make a guest appearance.

TOFOG's performance was sponsored by Giorgio Armani with proceeds for the evening going to the local branch of Sarah Ferguson's charity, Children in Crisis. On stage, Crowe shouted out his greeting to the Duchess of York, who was accompanied by Gaddo Della Gherardesca. FWD wonders if Ferguson appreciated the band's rendition of "Somebody Else's Princess," a song Crowe dedicated to her.

But an elegant Ferguson did tell FWD that the charity she heads is doing well. "The important thing is to help children, not to be big." Will she be staying on for any of this week's fashion shows? "No, I have to go home," she said. "Otherwise I'll have some children in crisis."

Crowe was dressed casually for the concert, but made it known that he has worn Armani on other occasions. "Armani has dressed me for the Academy Awards," the actor said. "His clothes fit men, they're not for the boys. He makes clothes that are classic and for men with deep voices," [ ] Crowe said to a throng of journalists.

--thanks to Lisa for posting!