, 03/22/01: Before Oscar nominations: What did Mom, Dad say? When acting bug bit, some stars' parents howled

Russell Crowe (best lead actor, "Gladiator"): I wanted to go to university and study history, but my dad had been unemployed for quite a while at that stage and he really didn't have the money for me to go to university, even though it had been a big plan all my life. And the one key, serious conversation we had, I said to him, "Look, I really feel I've got to pursue this desire to be an entertainer." My dad said, "I'd really like you to do something at a technical college or do some kind of apprenticeship to fall back on." And I said, "Mate, I'm really certain in my life that I'm gonna fall on my face, but it's highly unlikely I'm gonna fall back." He looked at me and went, "OK, do what you want to do."